Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Located in the historic area of the City of Cape Canaveral is a little known woods nestled next to the cozy Banana river. It's a magical area with historic specimen trees that go back over a hundred years. Migratory birds can be seen landing in the foliage that these trees provide. An Osprey makes his perch in the high trees. Residents comment with wonderment when they see endangered animal species like indigo snakes, scrub jays other wildlife in the brush from this area.

The wonderment of this area continues beyond nature with historical and archaeological interests too. Back in 2006 an archeological survey was done on the property that revealed a habitation of indians going back 2000 years.

The plan is to acquire a tract of land approximately 3 acres in Cape Canaveral by the Banana River for a nature and history themed park called, "Friendship Park". Although it is not known with absolute certainty if Spanish cartographer Alvero Mexia stopped here, this park will commemorate his visit by celebrating his accomplishments of establishing a period of friendship between the 17th century Spanish and the indigenous tribes of the great Ais nation.

This themed park will create further interest in this area for archeology and history. We know from other sites that early European visited this area in the 17th century but we don't know if it was Ponce de Leon, Alvaro Mexia, Pedro Menendez or even Master John Hawkins or some other unknown travelers. Not only will an archaeological survey of the land help with our understanding of the ancient people that lived here it may even provide artifacts for exhibits described later.

This theme park will have a nature trail with a mock Indian village demonstrating how the ancient Indians may have lived here. A house that John Glenn stayed at on the Banana River will be used for a community museum to exhibit local artifacts. Area would also showcase a Friendship 7 exhibit.

A resort for those with outdoors interests including kayak launches. A picnic by the river with spectacular sunset views of the Banana river. The park will be themed towards Eco-tourism and will be a magnet for not only tourism and cruise ship passengers but local residents as well.

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